Why do we train our professionals?

To help families, we need the necessary training to provide them with the best services


Why do we offer training?

Over the past 10 years, our services have helped many parents and repaired families. We understand the sensitivity of our work and the level of professionalism required; we strive to make sure that all our employees receive the right training to carry out their duties correctly.

Who do we offer training to?

We give training to professionals who want to build confidence working with young people and young parents affected by

  • domestic violence and controlling relationships
  • teenage pregnancy/parenthood
  • neglect or abuse as children
  • homelessness
  • poverty
  • learning disabilities
  • low literacy
  • Our training is structured to build sustained engagement with socially excluded groups.

What training courses do our employees carry out?

  • Court Skills Training-. It gives staff the skills to be expert witnesses. It helps them understand the process and how questioning works. It gives them confidence in their ability to get the best result for the child.
  • Report Writing Training-Writing your report is one of the most important preparations to take prior to your court date. the in-house Court Skills and Report Writing training which typically takes place at St Michael’s.
  • Recording training-Making a record of the time you spend with a family is an essential, though time consuming, aspect of social care. Records allow for complicated information to be understood and archived, providing justification and guidance in decision making and official proceedings
  • Self-neglect and difficulties-This course is organised by King’s college London
  • Happy Leadership Apprentice level 2-This leadership course is carried out by Happy. The aim of this course is to teach you how to provide a positive and supportive work environment for your employees.
  • Safeguarding Children Level 1-This course is organised by Lambeth Online Learning. It teaches how to identify child abuse and the actions that must be taken to keep children safe from harm.
  • GDPR Awareness-This course is organised by Skillsby. It includes understanding consent and what you can and cannot do with data.
  • Linkmaker-This course is organised by our teams at St Michael’s.
  • Ways of Working Well-This course is also organised by our teams at St Michael’s.



“The court training skills offered by St Michael’s is so important. When I started here it really helped build my confidence about being in the court room. The trainers don’t take it easy on you and they really recreate that court room experience. It make you feel more in control when you are in front of a judge and barristers for the first time.”


“It allowed me to think about how best to support the team in my management role and enabled me to think about development opportunities which allow individuals not only to build on their own skills but also to contribute to the resources at 46”


“Understanding how to make the best use email marketing to really engage our supporters is really important especially during Covid. The MailChimp training I got was invaluable to helping understand how to reach more people and analyse the data.”


Here’s a list of all the training courses we offer: