Young Parents Carnival Success

Young parents came together to host a carnival celebration, arranging activities and showing off their talents.

Over 100 people came to “Carnival Comes to St Michael’s.” It was a day of celebration for all the young parents and their children, friends and families, as well as professionals who work with young parents. It was a chance for the parents to show their talents and how far they had come.


So proud of the Carnival 

The original idea came from Lorraine, one of the young parent practitioners,

“The parents pulled it out of the bag. It’s been a hard two years for everyone, and I just wanted to celebrate the talents of the young parents we work with and give them a party-style celebration. All the ideas for the day came from the young parents themselves, and we worked with them to make it happen. I am so proud of them.”

The talent show had emotional moments; one mum sang Whitney (what a voice!) while another danced after running a workshop with children. Every young parent had a role and contributed. It’s safe to say it was a fantastic day, and everyone involved should be very proud.

Everyone was dancing 

Cheneill, a young parent, was thrilled with the turnout and atmosphere, 

“In the beginning, I felt a little bit overwhelmed, not knowing how many people would turn up or if we could pull off an amazing day. The best bit of the whole event was when everyone got involved in the dancing. I learnt that no matter 

The parent and team organised a feast of free food, activities such as face painting, arts and crafts and games and Loraine’s brother, a professional DJ, played the music. 

Getting people together

Jamie, a young parent in charge of the face painting, said, 

“I enjoyed it very much! Great teamwork and I’ve been with St Michaels since I was a mum at 16 been five years now, and I am still here. They have watched my kids grow from the start! I’ve had amazing support; they are always there if I need them. It was a lovely thing to do for the event, getting people together, community and seeing the kids smiling.” 

The young parents were also raising money for their summer trips. They were lucky enough to have cakes donated from Rio at Baby Cakes London, which were part of the raffle.

Parents Warkshop    

Talented young parent growing in confidence 

Sue, our director, said 

“Congratulations to the young people who helped organise Carnival Comes to St Michael’s.When I visited, the atmosphere was wonderful, and it was great to see the young parents so involved; performing, talking about motherhood and their time working with St Michael’s. What a way to start the summer and an excellent opportunity to show the young parents we work with what they can achieve.

“Also a special thank you to Lorraine and the team who were instrumental in pulling it together. They do such a wonderful job advocating for and supporting the young parents so they can grow in self-confidence and as parents.”

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