Young Parents Video Groups during Lockdown

Video groups: what young parents tell us

Our outreach team are there for young mums and dads during the lockdown, even as children’s centres were closed and face to face contact is impossible.

Young parent practitioner Ayoola reports:

“We’re seeing lots of anxiety and some comments about children being turned away from supermarkets or made to feel unwelcome by other customers. Generally, there’s a lack of options for single parents who do not have support with childcare to go shopping. 

I foresee an increase in the use of alternative delivery choices. We’re passing information to parents as we become aware of it.”

Everyone says they want us to keep young parent support groups going virtually, which we’re doing. 

What’s the worse thing for you during this lockdown?

The Friday Young Parents group response to worse thing about this lockdown was:

“All the shops being closed. Not being able to socialise with other people.”

“Not being with my family, not being able to get to them.”

“Not being able to buy food and see family. The loss of lives.”