Denique’s 2017 internship

‘If you’re looking for a hands on internship, St. Michaels is for you!’

Denique, our intern, is leaving us today after 10 weeks. Here is what she had to say about her time here:

“I am a second year studying Media and Communications at the University of Sussex. During my time at St. Michaels, I was given a range of responsibilities. My main duties were to manage their online presence via social media, to maintain their website and create communications to their supporters. I was also given a glimpse into fundraising in the charity sector, helping to put together applications for small trusts. Furthermore, I assisted in the running of community groups with the outreach team and organised focus groups for an upcoming tech development.”

“The team really welcomed me and I am grateful that there has been flexibility within my responsibilities. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 10 weeks here; they have flown by so quickly! It has been a lovely experience where I have gained valuable skills which will no doubt be beneficial to my future career in the media industry.”