Outreach Theory of Change

Elaine Gaskell, Head of Outreach, explains the thinking behind our work with young parents. 

The Outreach theory of change is based Upon Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need .   

We believe that for young parents to choose to work with us, we must first understand what is most immediately pressing for them.

I’ve been able to get support with phone credit to enable me to make calls to housing as I was on the verge of being made homeless.

These are often practical issues like food for their family, safety from an abusive relationship, appropriate housing for a baby or child and financial stability.

From this starting point, we invite parents on a journey towards achieving the best long- term outcomes for their children and themselves. 

Definitely it is life changing. I no longer feel alone. My support worker has been reliable and always there for me.  

People always care about you and want to know that you are ok.  They notice when you are not yourself.  Sometimes it is just nice for someone to say ‘It’s ok. That whatever it is you are going through, it’s ok.’